Podcast/Vinyl Release Plans

Putting music together for a limited vinyl release.
The plan is to record live as often as we can and when we have enough music make the tracks available only on Lp. We feel we can single-handedly restore the record industry to its former self. To that end, we've hired a producer who knows nothing about jazz or any other music and given him a free hand to sabotage what he can.

Getting ready to start a series of podcasts -- Lining up interviews (both musicians & civilians), recording some unlikely or otherwise fascinating duos, inventing facts, starting baseless rumors about other jazz artists etc. For now, we'll deal mostly with music and musicians, but we'll basically try to talk with (or about) people or things that are interesting. Or funny.

Plotting to overthrow the government of Ecuador.
Why Ecuador? Hush Point has a big fan who works for the CIA, and he advised us to start small and obscure and stay in the western hemisphere. Therefore: Ecuador.

He also told us that the first step should be to recruit and train a gorilla army. So far, things have been tough -- it's really hard to teach an ape to fire a weapon, for one thing. The first thing they do is try to break the rifle into pieces or throw it at you or use as a club. And they don't salute, either.

We're hanging in, though, and I think we'll get it done this year. When we have control of the country we'll rename it and turn it into a giant resort. There's supposed to be some place called Andy's Mountains where you can ski nine months a year -- how cool is that!!