Summer: Tunes, Tunes, and Tuning

Hush Point is in the midst of a productive summer, built on the fact that we are possibly the only band in New York that gets together at least weekly to hang/session/rehearse/write/talk/drink coffee. McNeil's seemingly endless reservoir of new material means that we always have a new tune to work on, and Udden and Kobrinsky try to keep up with contrasting material. It's a luxury to be able to have the time to arrange and rewrite as a group - especially in this one-rehearsal town!

The band continues to explore a series of group improvisation exercises/games, practiced over the varying tune structures. These tighten us up as a group and force us into more interesting sonic areas. We've actually taught a few of these at clinics to great affect, so watch out for much more on this soon!

All of this work is moving towards the earnest creation of hopefully damn good, exciting, interesting, perhaps occasionally challenging, and, as John puts it, "not boring" music for you the jazz listener, in the form of live performances and recordings. Just letting you all know that we're working hard at it!

Thanks, see you soon on a gig!