If you haven't seen it yet, check out this month's Downbeat Magazine. Chicago's Peter Margazak - writer, critic, and supporter of Hush Point, and other Udden, McNeil, and Kobrinsky projects - presents a "Players" feature on Jeremy Udden on page 21.

Udden and Margazak discuss Hush Point, as well as his Plainville, Belleville, and New Old Timers projects. Jeremy discusses his varied influences, and John McNeil even pipes in for a line or two about Udden and the genesis of Hush Point. Enjoy!

Here's a link:


Putting music together for a limited vinyl release.
The plan is to record live as often as we can and when we have enough music make the tracks available only on Lp. We feel we can single-handedly restore the record industry to its former self. To that end, we've hired a producer who knows nothing about jazz or any other music and given him a free hand to sabotage what he can.

Getting ready to start a series of podcasts -- Lining up interviews (both musicians & civilians), recording some unlikely or otherwise fascinating duos, inventing facts, starting baseless rumors about other jazz artists etc. For now, we'll deal mostly with music and musicians, but we'll basically try to talk with (or about) people or things that are interesting. Or funny.

Plotting to overthrow the government of Ecuador.
Why Ecuador? Hush Point has a big fan who works for the CIA, and he advised us to start small and obscure and stay in the western hemisphere. Therefore: Ecuador.

He also told us that the first step should be to recruit and train a gorilla army. So far, things have been tough -- it's really hard to teach an ape to fire a weapon, for one thing. The first thing they do is try to break the rifle into pieces or throw it at you or use as a club. And they don't salute, either.

We're hanging in, though, and I think we'll get it done this year. When we have control of the country we'll rename it and turn it into a giant resort. There's supposed to be some place called Andy's Mountains where you can ski nine months a year -- how cool is that!!

Hush Point is in the midst of a productive summer, built on the fact that we are possibly the only band in New York that gets together at least weekly to hang/session/rehearse/write/talk/drink coffee. McNeil's seemingly endless reservoir of new material means that we always have a new tune to work on, and Udden and Kobrinsky try to keep up with contrasting material. It's a luxury to be able to have the time to arrange and rewrite as a group - especially in this one-rehearsal town!

The band continues to explore a series of group improvisation exercises/games, practiced over the varying tune structures. These tighten us up as a group and force us into more interesting sonic areas. We've actually taught a few of these at clinics to great affect, so watch out for much more on this soon!

All of this work is moving towards the earnest creation of hopefully damn good, exciting, interesting, perhaps occasionally challenging, and, as John puts it, "not boring" music for you the jazz listener, in the form of live performances and recordings. Just letting you all know that we're working hard at it!

Thanks, see you soon on a gig!

Just a quick note: Kobrinsky and Udden will be playing fiddle and folk tunes in accompaniment to Buster Keaton's One Week on March 5th.

The band, called The New Old Timers, includes: Udden (alto, C-melody saxophones), Kobrinsky (bass), HP alum Vinnie Sperrazza (drums), and Petr Cancura (tenor saxophone).

Come on down and say hello!

Billy Hart

Just throwing this out there because we at Hush Point are excited to hear the results. HP's John McNeil just went into the studio to record a new record, co-led with trombonist Mike Fahie. Those of you lucky enough to hang at the Tea Lounge on any given Wednesday in the last 100 years will know that John and Mike ran one hell of a weekly session, with new music from the "house band" almost every week. You might say that they are culminating that period on this record. Or maybe they have nothing to do with each other. Who knows? We just know that we want to hear the results! Stay tuned...

Friday January 9, 7pm - Dan Blacksberg Trio/Hush Point at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, New York
Saturday January 10, 7pm - Hush Point at Lilypad in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sunday January 11, 8pm - Hush Point at Woodfords Church in Portland, Maine
Monday January 12 - Masterclass with Hush Point at New England Conservatory

John McNeil - trumpet
Jeremy Udden - saxophone
Aryeh Kobrinsky - bass
Anthony Pinciotti - drums

Hush Point NPR All Things Considered

John McNeil will be on NPR's "All Things Considered" tonight!

When: Saturday, Dec. 27th from 5 to 6 pm.
The Show: "All Things Considered"
The Station: NPR radio, broadcast in the NY area on WNYC. You can tune in to either 93.3 FM or 820

(or outside of NYC people will have to find their local NPR station)

Check out this great review from Pete Margasek in December's Downbeat.
On it's second superb album, this New York quartet continues to invoke it's moniker... delving into deeply interactive improvisation that doesn't need to shout to be heard. 4.5 Stars
Pete Margasek December 2014 Downbeat

While we’re getting into fall and prepping for our CD release at Small’s on October 24th, our forever jet-lagged drummer Anthony Pinciotti is actually using his sticks for a few nights (he only plays brushes in HP) - at the famed Cotton Club in Tokyo, Japan. Pinciotti has been playing with the great John Abercromie for years, and this run includes Marc Copland (piano), and Phil Donkin (bass). Here’s a link to a few key moments on the gig from last night! 

BTW, check out “Timeless - The Music of John Abercrombie,” recently released on John McNeil and Lolly Bienenfeld’s Gazong Press. You can pick up a copy here.

Check out John McNeil speaking about one of his mentors, Thad Jones in Jazz Times

Jazz Times - John McNeil speaks about Thad Jones